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About Us

Our Story

September 11th is a date that will be forever synonymous with terror on a unprecedented scale and, as Michael – that’s the M in M.E.G, watched the horror of that day unfold, he realised that it was time for change in his own life.

The following year Michael and his wife turned their backs on the fast and furious pace of life in the South of England and moved to the sedate seaside resort of Portstewart on the North Antrim Coast. It marked the start of an adventure, which continues to this day. That cataclysmic moment was fifteen years ago and, today, with the support of wonderful suppliers, fantastic customers and a great M.E.G. team, Michael now finds himself in the enviable position of selling some of the best gift, stationery and greeting cards in the world. He is proud to say that he has established himself as the leading boutique gift distributor in Ireland, offering everything from the glamour of Five Dollar Shake; the sparkle of Rachel Ellen; the wonderful design of The Art File; the humour of Really Good and the quirkiness of Blue Eyed Sun.

If you are a retailer in Ireland who’d like to stock any of our products, or if you are a publisher/manufacturer who would like a distributor to the Irish market, then we’d love to hear from you.

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